Hearing Aids in Orange, MA

Leonard Optician Inc. in Orange, Massachusetts, specializes in hearing aids, including a variety of evaluations and services to correct your hearing, so that you can begin to hear it all! Contact us at (978) 249-9033 to schedule an appointment with our hearing and optical center!
Some of the brands we carry are:
  • Unitron
  • Starkey
  • Oticon
Hearing Aids of Different Sizes - Orange, MA - Leonard Optician Inc.
Hearing Aid - Hearing Aids in Orange, MA
Hearing Aids
Hearing aids have become more discreet and cosmetically more appealing. We have same-day service in some cases with inventory already in stock. You can take advantage of modern testing equipment with our soundproof booth and begin enjoying the best hearing possible. Our hearing aid services include:
  • Digital Programmable Hearing Aids
  • Free Hearing Evaluation
  • Hearing Aid Adjustments/Cleaning/Repairs
  • Free Home Appointments
Audiology Technology
Come in for a free hearing evaluation and begin living your best life with all your senses. Leonard Optician Inc. carries many of the best brands in audiology technology including Oticon®, Unitron®, and Starkey®.
Adjusting Small Heading Aid - Orange, MA - Leonard Optician Inc.
Contact us to learn more about the latest technology available in hearing aids.